Website hosting is one of the first services you need to acquire when first starting a business. After registering the domain, you need to add the domain to a hosting / server. X Digital Online will take care of everything regarding the hosting for you. 


Analyze current hosting system

The first step is to analyze your current hosting system and create a plan in order to smoothly move the domain and FTP files to the new hosting system. If you don't have a hosting yet, the process is easier.

Change DNS Address on Domain center

Then we will change the domain DNS information from the domain center to the new hosting. This step is necessary in order to point the domain to the correct website.

Configure the cPanel

We will configure the cPanel. This step is where we can create a WordPress website, or if you already have a website, we can reconfigure to the new hosting.

Make backend changes (file manager access)

File manager is where all the files of your website is located. If there's any corrections or changes, or if something happens to the website, we will be able to get in there and fix it right away.

Check SSL functionality

All websites that are hosting with us receive a SSL certificate for FREE.

Double check if everything is running smoothly

This is where the service is paid off. The benefit of hosting with X Digital Online is if there is any problem with your website, we will make sure to fix right away.

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Website hosting goes along with Domain Registration, Email Services, and Website Design. Check out more of X Digital Online services!

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– Help to purchase a domain name
– Domain authentication
– Domain protection


– Unlimited email accounts
– Fast technical support


– Server management
– DNS changes
– SSL Certification
– Fully operational server
– Complete website backup
– Software maintenance
– Technical support

Website Maintenance

– Update plugins
– Website security
– Holidays designs
– Monthly detailed reports


– Strategies on how to create an info product
– Copyright assistant
– Online traffic management 


– Social media marketing
– SEO strategies
– Google Analytics
– Social media ads
– Email marketing


– eCommerce specialists
– Blogs
– Nonprofit
– Educational
– Add products to the website
– Site maps
– Video embedding or linking
– Form integrations


– Logo
– Color patterns
– Business cards
– Portfolios
– Product design
– Purchase of images


– Define the target audience
– Create a brand identity
– Position the product in the market
– Slogan
– Check name availability in the US trademark database